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About Imagine Productions

I have always believed that beauty and music complement each other in a very natural way. Guided by my unbridled passion with music and fuelled by my fascination for beauty I founded a company that would merge these two worlds together. Our main mission is to offer outstanding entertainment that takes viewers into the captivating worlds of talented artists. As we build a strong future, we will all continue to deliver the highest quality visual media, scouting and nurturing the talent of emerging artist, living our values, and applying the high standards embodied in the Imagine Productions Entertainment brand at all times.






At Imagine Television, we have an in-house staff ready to develop original programming for broadcast / cablecast, and online. From the creation of treatments, with new concepts, to developing a pilot and producing or co-producing for networks.
We are proud of our company's valuable resources such as our specialist in-house video production teams who master the latest high-tech equipment and develop new and original concepts and ideas.









Imagine Records focuses on the development and cultivation of upcoming talent. Imagine Productions artists benefit from our commitment to producing exceptional music content. We focus our valuable resources on scouting the most promising local and international up and coming musical talent. We work closely with artists and music industry professionals throughout the entire music production, recording and publishing processes in order to attain viable and successful results.






Imagine Productions Events specializes in the organization and sales of small and large scale concerts, festivals, tours and musical plays.
We work from the inception of the idea to the opening of the show / event. Imagine Events can create bookings for artists, organize festivals with promoters or record labels that need a team of highly professional organizers on the ground. Our network in major cities around the world and venues allows us to serve any of the needs required to make the event a success.








Imagine Artists Management manages artists, including recording artists, television, musicians, models and DJ's. We aim to maintain a special and close relationship with everyone we manage by utilizing all our different activities and resources to serve the needs of our clients. Image Artists Management is active in scouting, casting, and holding competitions for new talent in cities around the world.








At Imagine Financing, we are constantly looking to fund or co-produce original music and television programming and other media properties. We can contribute to your project in any one of many capacities, regardless of its current state of completion. Imagine Financing has the financial leverage to fund all of our own projects through self-financing. From producing new music to purchasing TV formats in different countries, we are at the forefront of creative financing. We work with a top legal team to navigate us through each step of the process. Imagine Financing pushes the limits for in-house and outside projects, aiming to bring to reality only the best.